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Duo Jenny Dream with Lilly Foxx

Finally the double feature everybody was waiting for (or scared of): have it your double-bizarr way. These ladies will blow your mind, not only your d**k and your “sweet dreams” will make you sleepless. Get your dirty fantasies a jumpstart…you would not believe what kind of ideas Jenny Dream and Lilly Foxx are capable to produce. mean? brutal? wicked? kinky?…DEFINITELY YES!

What you get is pure action and bizarr erotic at its finest..

What are you waiting for? Dive deep down into the abyss of your bad and dark fantasies. Roleplay in a realy new dimension not only just possible but mandatory! Ready for the challenge? We’ll see if you can impress these two hot chicks.


All Skyline ladies are tenants who rent our facilities in a weekly change, They work on their own account and responsibility. We form our oppinion on and impressions about the Skyline ladies based on your feedback! This way we can be sure to present to you, our valued guests only the most reliable and pleasant ladies here. We do have concern for you, our ladies and ourselves.

Skyline is a place where the given promises are kept, yet if, for any reason, you and the Lady experience “clouds in paradise” and you are dissatisfied in any way, we kindly ask you to send us your feedback quickly. In case you are happy with what just happened…,the ladies hope to receive your positive feedback – the more meaningful the better.

We want you to enjoy pleasant experiences with us and to be happy with your nice memories so we can welcome you the next time.

We respond to every feedback immediately and take it as an opportunity to continue to improve, so we are always glad to hear from you!

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